“For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.”

John 1:16

About Me

A tight tug, a physical tug in my gut, like the kind you get when you’re in church and the preacher has an alter call and you know you’re supposed to go down but you battle your flesh on whether or not you should. That’s how I feel. That’s how I feel about making this blog. I felt led by the Holy Spirit to do this and use what I believe is a gift I have been given by the Lord, the gift of writing.

I’m Brianna Grace. A small town southern girl learning each and everyday what it means to love and to give and recieve grace. I am currently a student at the University of Georgia studying special education and with graduation quickly approaching, I have plans to attend graduate school to become a speech language pathologist. I practice as a registered behavior technician and my heart is big for people diagnosed with autism. 

I love my family, my friends, my boyfriend, TJ Maxx, the Georgia Bulldogs, and shoes. But most importantly, I love the Lord. I pray that as you are here and you read my posts, that if nothing else, the love and grace of God will cover you like a blanket. 

Girl Gang

This past semester I began working with a professor on some of her research at the university. I had taken a course of hers before, so we knew of each other, but throughout the research we grew closer and I began to look to her as a mentor in my life. She knows my plansContinue reading “Girl Gang”


There are many times that my prayers come out as silent tears. The words are simply not there, but the tears seem to take their place. I silently cry when I hear a sweet worship song. When I read scripture. Or when I am sitting to write. My heart is sensitive to the Lord’s presence.Continue reading “tetelestia”

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